Zimbabwe Online Marketing on $0 Budget

The economy has indeed left a few businesses in a position to afford an online marketing consultant or team and as such businesses are suffering. So how exactly can you be visible online without a marketing budget?  Well this is a tough situation to be in as a business and hence we have come up with these two little known (sometimes overlooked) ways  to help you  market your business online with  little or no money. This is collectively referred to as Guerrilla marketing and to a certain extent does feel like you are at war.

Social-media-identityYour Online Identity

Before you think of getting huge number of inquiries from your online marketing efforts there is one important thing you need to take care of and that is social media. Social media forms your internet identity and marketing online without it would be a mistake. You don’t even need to be a tech guru to do this its pretty much the same as setting up your personal social accounts.

The first profile you want to set up is Facebook. With over a million Facebook users in Zimbabwe its pretty much a good place to go and preach about what you do. How to set up a Facebook page for business.

Secondly you will need to add a Google+ page for your business. since Google, the search engine, owns this network, your business being represented there will do well for your business’ placement in search results on google. Adding a Google+ page for business is pretty straight forward. First sign up for a personal  Google+ account and the visit this page and add your business’ information.

Another important social media site is Twitter. This is a platform to drive conversation and engage with your potential clients. Your presence there will definitely go a long way in boosting word of mouth marketing for you. Opening a Twitter account for business.

When setting up your social media accounts ensure that your ‘about’ info is clear and gives the client a  comprehensive description about your business and what you do.

content-marketing-zimbabweContent Marketing

Content marketing is an upcoming method of marketing and because most businesses are not taking it as seriously as they should, you can get a competitive advantage by taking it up. What is it anyway? Simply put it is publishing valuable content online  so that people can find it, take value from and in the process know your business(as the expert on the subject). Here is a simpler explanation by Tinashe Nyaruwanga. Here are some things you can incorporate into your content marketing.

Blog posts: If you don’t have a blog already on your website(if you don’t have a website then you need to start there so click here and we will help you with one.) this is the first thing you need to establish in order to successfully do content marketing. A blog is pretty much what you are reading, a series of articles published in chronological order. Here is a guide on blogging for business.

Guest posts: This is a step further whereby you write blog posts on websites on topics relating to your business. For example if you sell mobile phones, you can write an article on TechZim about taking better care of a mobile phone. This is a very effective way of getting in front of your potential clients and raising awareness of your existence.

How-to Articles: People face problems everyday on how to do things and as such if you can help them with how to do something, write it in a post or record a video and help potential and existing clients. For example if you manufacture and sell light bulbs you can do a video or post an article on How To Change A Light Bulb. A good place to publish your videos for free is Youtube.


With this combination of  social media and content marketing you will set your business apart and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Remember with this kind of marketing consistency is key hence the need to plan ahead.




2 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Online Marketing on $0 Budget

  1. Tinashe - February 4, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Great article! May I add that Social Media Marketing without a content strategy will always fail. Content Marketing is based on creating interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually pay attention to you instead of interrupting them. Content Marketing is the fire and Social Media is the fuel.

    • Tendai Chakuzira - February 4, 2016 at 12:26 pm

      Thanks Tinashe, very important not to interrupt customers or potential customers.


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