Understanding Webhosting in Zimbabwe

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Today we are going to help you understand webhosting and running a website. Definitely won’t answer all the questions out there but it is a comprehensive introduction to webhosting and what you need to know.

What is Webhosting in Zimbabwe

To better understand web hosting lets bring the concept closer to home by using your computer as an example. Your computer has your files stored for you to access as and when you need or want to. A website’s page is also a file just like any other file on your computer. As your files require storage, web pages also require storage so as to be accessed.

The main difference here is that web pages are meant to be accessed publicly and to enable this the computer which they will be stored on will need to be of greater technical specification than your personal computer and must be connected to the internet.

A computer which serves this purpose is called a web server. a website is a set of related web pages and collectively websites form the world wide web(www).

Web hosting is the job of making your webpages available to many users when they request to access them. web hosting is measured in megabytes just as space on your computer’s.

Different types  of web hosting in Zimbabwelogoc

Web hosting is mainly characterized by different elements that define what you can do with your website on your hosting account. These include: space, bandwidth, number of databases, number of email accounts etc. you can see a list of features here.

Disk Space

This is evidently the amount of space your hosting account is limited to on the server. This varies but with our current packages the lowest is 7 GB of space and can go all the way up to unlimited.


Bandwidth mainly is the amount of users accessing your website  your hosting account can handle at a time. Basically if your home page is say 20MB when two people visit you will need 40MB of bandwidth and so on. So if your website receives a lot of traffic you are better off with an  unlimited package to cater for the large amount of traffic.

You can view our packages here to see which one best suites your budget and needs.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Webhosting in Zimbabwe

  1. Tinashe - February 1, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Great article. Just a quick one, when one gets a message which says – Alert: hosting account approaching resource limits is it an issue of bandwidth?

    • admin - February 1, 2016 at 8:36 pm

      Not specifically bandwidth but rather the alert refers to almost reaching the limit of some or all of your allocated resources on your hosting package. This ,may include bandwidth, disk space, mailbox quotas, database quotas. If you find your self in such a situation it is best to log in to your hosting account and check usage stats dashboard and find the best way to manage your resources. Alternatively you can upgrade the hosting plan.


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