Effortless blogging – Planning Posts

Blogging is a very interesting thing once you get into it and like many things in this life it requires some level of consistency depending on what you blog about. I personally learnt this the hard way and have since looked at blogging very differently. There is a simple rule to blogging that can help you propel your blog to the next level, if you don’t plan your blog posts you plan to fail. Writing impromptu just because you have to works for a while but often leads to inconsistency which might not be ideal for your readers.

Ideally what you are trying to avoid by planning posts is to wake up on a Monday and realize you have to post on your blog and hence you cook up something real quick for your blog. This is referred to as re-active blogging, whereby you are just reacting to the situation (I first learnt about this from David Risely).

 Pro-active BloggingKeep Calm plan

As you can guess this is the opposite. Pro-active blogging is whereby you take time to plan ahead, what is going to happen with your blog. This means you can actually tell what will be happening on your blog next week on Monday.

This gives you more control over the blog and helps you become more conscious of the environment around you.


It is obvious implementing this won’t exactly be straight forward. The major setback will be finding the best day to write your posts.

On my old blog (r.i.p) I used to have content done for the week or more over the weekend since I have had an 8-5 job. So I have the whole week to work on other aspects of my life and also my blog like SEO, basic maintenance etc.

Proactive allows you to have more time on your hands and from a personal point of view I actually use this approach as a time management tool and it is very handy for people who manage a blog alongside a day job/commitment (like watching football).

For your blogging to be on point think of every post as a part of a series of blog posts. This means this blog post should be strategically linked to the next and at the end of a series of blog posts you should have achieved something.

So this kind of blogging is whereby you think about what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and when you want to achieve it. This will definitely yield more results as opposed to just waking up writing something and hoping someone will read it.

 The Importance of Planning

planningSo why is planning an important aspect of blogging? Well in the blogging world, as we are discovering bit by bit, things work differently but one thing that you are most likely to need all the way is good planning and execution.

Planning allows you to free yourself up as well as be productive. Planning is a productivity tool, that when implemented correctly, can increase your overall productivity levels.

Rhythm is also important in blogging and as such if you plan you are most likely to maintain a certain rhythm and way of doing things. The rhythm allows you to tap into consistency which is a vital attribute of bloggers.

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