Business Email Etiquette

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As internet is constantly evolving the way we communicate through things like social media, email is still the mode of communication that is still prevailing in the business world. Email definitely enhances your business communication and adds a layer of professionalism. However there are times when this layer is compromised. Today’s article is to help you with some of the small things you might be forgetting to do that may cost you big in the future.


Professional Email Addresses

In business is always good to use your company email address when you are communicating. Personal email addresses can work here and there but tend  to do damage to that layer of professional layer.

Your email address should convey your name clearly so that the recipient knows who is sending the email. Your youth days were indeed fun but don’t let their memory spill into your email address. Imagine receiving an application for a job from IN business you should also utilize your own domain and have emails like This enhances that professionalism layer.


Subject Line

This is probably a no-brainer but for some reason people tend to forget to fill this in. The subject line helps the receiver know what your email is about. Fill this in even if it is a personal email. Let it identify what you are writing about.


Time is Money

In business you need to always give prompt responses. You can’t go think about something and whilst the recipient is just waiting on you. IN such situation reply the email to confirm receipt and also let the recipient know when they can expect your reply. Otherwise don’t keep the recipient waiting.


CAPS and exclamation marks

 Caps should be avoided because they are literally the equivalent of shouting. they can turn a simple message into something it is not.  Exclamation marks are a step further and some reccommend using a maximum of once in an email. “I WILL GET BACK TO YOU!!” is very different from “I will get back to you.” when using these be careful as they can convey anger and frustration.



When emailing more than one person, include all of them in the salutation. say it were an email to 2 people your salutation could read ‘dear Tendai and Sharon’ in cases where you are emailing a larger group a common one like ‘Good day Team’ could prove useful. \when replying you don’t need salutations on every reply because the thread becomes more like a conversation.



with regards to business email, how you close of emails is very important and usually it is very useful to add information about yourself and how to get a hold of you in the signature. Just like above you don’t need to add your signature on every reply in the thread.


Let us know in the comments below of a moment when your email etiquette left a good impression on the recipient. Also, let us know when email etiquette was tossed out the window, and its outcome.

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