Benefits of Using Your Own Domain For Emails

placeit (20)Zimbabwe’s online market has become a platform for businesses to distinguish themselves through branding. Having a consistent professional appearance for your business is one of the key factors to attracting loyal customers.


One of the many ways to professionally represent your business online in Zimbabwe is by getting a domain name(e.g and using personalized email accounts. Your communication process will definitely carry more weight coming from emails like “” as opposed to something like ““. Here are some of the benefits of getting email accounts with your own domain name.


Multiple Email Accounts

One of the primary benefits is that you can create multiple email accounts for your different departments and still maintain your brand’s identity in them. This will also ensure that messages and their responses are promptly sent to the appropriate personnel.



Indeed entrepreneurship has become the most common thing in Zimbabwe today and as such there are a lot of companies being run by the founder but still need to appear as professional as possible. As such you can still manage different email accounts for your different purposes / ‘departments’  in one inbox. As an example if your email is you can create other mailboxes as aliases and have them forwarded to your account. So in this example emails sent to can be forwarded automatically to This means all incoming emails end up in one place: your inbox.


24/7 Access

Taking Royalty Webhosting Business Email Hosting as an example, you can access your email via computer tablet or phone. You can also create as many email accounts as you may require and have them setup on as many devices  using applications like Outlook.


adClients’ Trust

Gaining the trust of your business is very important and as such, a domain name for your company, shows that you as a business have taken the time and effort to distinguish yourself from the crowd and better represent yourself. The domain name is also your website’s address and this helps clients learn more about you and how solid your business is.


Lastly your own domain name secures continuity in your communication process. If you use personal emails for business, the day you have to let Joe go, he will go with all your contacts and any valuable information they could have sent to you whilst Joe worked for you.


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